Giving up hope can be the start of a new direction

“As long as their is hope — there is…” There is what? — Procrastination? — Inaction? — Delay? I wonder looking at a cue to the weekly lottery with the lucky winner walking away with millions, the rest staying in the cue.

It can…

Remember the alarm clocks? Those in the old days, mechanical ones with sounds that could wake up everybody in the whole house — so different now

The old mechanical alarm clock type with the slowly circling arms ( illustration Frits Ahlefeldt)


Well different in many ways, not only have our phones swallowed those alarm clocks, but also our cameras…

Stepping a couple of steps back he realized there were no way back, should he grab a stone or a coffee mug and attack?

Roaring and yelling the bear moved forward, so close he could make out the fine details in the pattern on its tie...

Hiker up a wall with a bear standing in front of him — in a full suit and a tie. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Sketched up this drawing yesterday… Researching it, I wonder why it is so often the young that have to change the ways of the adults, and the kids that take action to stop their parents from ruining our planet

Kid asking man to change for the planet illustration

Fighting climate change, planting trees…

Virtual coffee meetings are booming. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

“No problem — we can meet online and drink coffee there instead…” people say here under COVID-19 pandemic… But is it the same, or might it do something else, like keeping an unreal world real?

The new virtual coffee meeting

Coffee is an art, an experience so many-sided that…

Keeping our distance, while thinking the same — Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

COVID-19, isolation and social distancing are on everybody’s thoughts — It’s almost like the less we are together — the more we think the same.

Keeping our distance, while narrowing our thoughts

The diversity in what we think at the moment, strangely seems to have narrowed dramatically, as more and more…

Making sure quitting is not an option…

Classic strategy to never give up

Some hikers quit their jobs and sell everything — Burning the bridges behind when they start out, so they have to keep heading forward, no matter the challenges…

Drawing of a hiker girl, looking like a pirate, with a torch. Saying “burn the bridges”, Standing with one hand on bridge.

One of the hiking characters in the…

Frits Ahlefeldt

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